Supplements are an easy, effective, and economical way to get the nutrients that are missing from your diet. In fact, it’s often easier to get nutrients from supplements than from food. For example, the only good food sources of vitamin E are nuts, seeds, and oils. You would have to eat 2 teaspoons of wheat bran oil, 2 oz of almonds, or 1.5 oz of sunflower seeds every day to get all your vitamin E. Or you could take one vitamin E supplement a day, which has almost no calories and costs less than 25¢ a pill.

I offer safe, high-quality supplements to my patients to help them get all the nutrients they need. But first, I need to clear up a few misconceptions: 

1. Taking supplements is not a substitute for a healthy diet.
You can get most of your nutrients through supplements. But that doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want! To be healthy, you still need to abide by the healthy eating guidelines.

2. Getting nutrients from supplements is (usually) as effective as getting them from food.
There is nothing inherently better about nutrients in food. The ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in supplements is exactly the same as the ascorbic acid in oranges. However, sometimes there are other substances in foods that help with nutrient absorption. For example, iron that is eaten along with vitamin C is absorbed better than if it was taken by itself. That’s why the iron supplement I recommend includes vitamin C. But there are also substances in foods that inhibit absorption. Oxalate is a compound in many vegetables that blocks calcium from being absorbed. So there are some things to be aware of, and that’s why I recommend certain supplements with food and certain supplements on their own. But getting your nutrients from food is not necessarily better than using supplements.

3. It is possible to take too much of a supplement.
Some nutrients are dangerous in large amounts and you can overdose with supplements if you aren’t careful. Supplements should only be used under medical supervision.

4. Not all supplements are the same.
Supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and the FDA does not test them before approving them. What’s on the label may not be what’s in the bottle. It’s important to only buy supplements from trusted brands.

I use the brands Metagenics and Pure Encapsulations, both of which have been tested by third party labs to prove their quality and safety.

Metagenics and Pure Encapsulations, like most supplement companies, are set up so that the doctor receives any profit from the sale of supplements. I don’t think it’s right to profit off my recommendations to patients and I’m suspicious of any doctor who sells supplements in their office. So I sell my supplements with just enough markup to cover the shipping and processing costs. This way, I only recommend products because my patients need them, not to make money. You can see this when you compare my patient prices to the retail prices (below).

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